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Consultation Fees

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Our values as they pertain to fees can be summarised as:

The APS (Australian Psychological Society) publishes a schedule of recommended fees for psychologists, who are however free to set their own fees as they see fit. These APS-recommended fees reflect a lot of behind-the-scenes work/expense that psychologists have (6+ years of study, registration fees, insurances, ongoing training, writing case notes and reports, supervision, superannuation, annual/sick leave, admin support, rent, office infrastructure, and so forth). 

We seek to keep our fees affordable without compromising delivery of the kind of professional service that we value - one which entails reviewing client notes, strategising and researching between sessions, communicating well with other stakeholders such as your GP, providing written material to support the work you do in sessions. We put in the extra miles to stay up to date with the latest developments in our fields, and do the personal work that allows us to be there for you more fully when you visit. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to help you, but we can vouch that we will do our very best (and we do have some excellent tools, validated both by the research literature and by our own experience.). 

Private and Medical Referrals

Unfortunately Medicare only covers around one third of the scheduled APS fee, leaving a large gap for the client and psychologist to somehow bridge.

Research shows that the best way to improve outcomes for clients, is the therapist spending time strategising about the work they are doing with their own clients (this is far more important than training or further qualifications, for instance). Were we to bulk-bill, there wouldn't be time for this, as our psychologists would need to book in clients all day long in order to cover costs. 

Mindwise' fees for private clients (i.e. those paying out of their own pocket, including those who are able to obtain refunds form private health insurance or Medicare) are around half the scheduled APS fee. We are also able to offer a further discount to those on a low income to see one of our psychologists. These generous discounts are only made possible by having a cancellation policy.

Fee Schedule for Private Clients

Medical Government, Community Organisations, Private Sector

Third parties paying for clients (for example, Employee Assistance Programs) are also charged fees well under the APS rates, with some variance reflecting their ability to pay. The Fee Schedule for Government, Community Organisations, Private Sector agencies available on request.

Workers Compensation

Third Party motor vehicle accident and Workers Compensation services are charged according to the Workcover schedule of fees.

Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution

Fees for Mediation/Family Dispute Resolution depend upon where they are held, the length of the session, and the exact nature of the service, but are usually $360 for a 3-hour session and are charged 50/50 to each party (ie $180 each).

Medico-legal Services

Medico-legal Services are charged according to the recommended schedule of fees from the Australian Psychological Society.