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ACT Therapist for relationship counselling psychologist in wollongong and the illawarra area[ psychologist in wollongong and psychology as ACT psychologist wollongong in the illawarra counselling for depression therapist for relationship counselling wollongong illawarra depression therapist in wollongong ] Jenni Dall is a registered psychologist in illawarra with thirty-odd years counselling experience. She has practised mindfulness herself[ wollongong psychologist illawarra psychologist acceptance and commitment depression therapy relationship counselling illawarra depression therapy yoga teacher counselling for anxiety,stress ] [ psychologist in wollongong illawarra mindfulness counselling psychologist in wollongong illwarra ACT therapy for depression counselling and therapy to treat depression acceptance and commitment therapy ] My search for meaning took me to many teachers and involvement with many endeavours[psychologist illawarra for stress and pain management yoga psychologist wollongong]: formal studies in psychology; lyengar yoga method; self-development workshop leaders;training in methods of counselling psychologist in wollongong. therapist for anxiety, therapy for depression psychologist in illawarra ] When I work with people I do my best to sit with them and use therapy for [relationship counselling illawarra and practicing psychologist in wollongong and also a registered psychologist in wollongong illawarra teaching the ylengar yoga method. psychologist help with depression therapy relationship counselling issues illawarra wollongong depression therapy] One of the most interesting and rewarding aspects of my life is having the privilege of being able to share a little of the journey [mindfulness psychologist in wollongong illawarra stress counselling and depression counselling for anxiety stress alcohol and drug issues] of those who come to me to share their challenges, hopes, dreams, and accomplishments [therapy counselling for anxiety and depression, registered psychologist wollongong illawarra, ACT therapist for depression and anxiety, mental health ,ACT therapist for stress, pain mangagement therapist for relationship issues and mindfulness psychologist in illawarra area and psychologist in wollongong].

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jenni dall - psychologist in wollongong

Jenni Dall is a registered psychologist with thirty-odd years counselling experience. She has practised mindfulness herself for many years, and now primarily uses mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapies with clients in her psychology practice because of its effectiveness. She is trained in a number of these, the primary one being ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

Jenni is also a certified teacher of the Iyengar method of yoga, holding the difficult-to-attain Junior Intermediate level which qualifies her as a practitioner of therapeutics in the method. She has taught yoga for more than three decades, and has a personal daily practice dating back to 1973.

Hello. My Name is Jenni Dall. I have always been interested in the bigger questions in life: Why are we here? What makes life meaningful? What is the nature of experience? Where do emotions fit into it all?

My search for meaning took me to many teachers and involvement with many human endeavours: formal studies in philosophy and psychology; yoga; self-development workshop leaders; trainers in methods of counselling; social change activism in the peace, environment, women's, and reconciliation movements; gender studies; spiritual teachers; communities of visionaries for a better society. continue reading >>...

I learned many good things, and I played a role in many good outcomes in terms of the development of humanity. But one of the most effective roles I have been able to fill is the one where I am working closely with individuals (sometimes in small groups of individuals) to reach in to themselves and connect with their moment-to-moment experience. For herein lies, not answers in the sense of fixed information, but a process that can be tapped into to go on understanding who we really are, what really matters to us, and what can be done to remove any obstacles in the way of pursuing our goals and dreams.

For when people reach for what they truly value, they tend to become more compassionate. And as they remove obstacles to the following of their own personal values, they draw themselves up to their full height as the better human being that they really are: dignified, responsible, and able to care and think about the planet and their fellow creatures. Their vitality and ability to act on behalf of what they care about, returns. So the solutions to the problems that beset humanity begin to manifest. And this type of solution, whilst it may be slow, seems nowadays to me to be the most lasting and truly respectful one.

When I work with people though, I don't pre-suppose any particular result: I do my best to sit with them, receptive to what they are experiencing in the moment. My having worked through some tough things myself helps me stay open to whatever experience the other person is having. I have learned some skills in responding to private experience in ways that allow me to get on with building the life I want, and it is those skills which I am eager to share with you. I am not perfect: I still fall into the trap on many occasions of responding to my own inner experience in less than useful ways (so you wont find me being judgmental there); however, I do have some useful skills that I can draw upon (skills in responding usefully to the antics that my mind gets up to!), and also some training in conveying those skills to others.


These days I find life to be a fascinating journey. One of the most interesting and rewarding aspects of my life is having the privilege of being able to share a little of the journey of those who come to me to share their challenges, hopes, dreams, and accomplishments.



Other Psychologists at Mindwise

Anupama (Anu) Naithani qualified as a psychologist in her home country (India), where she also completed doctoral research into differences between working and non-working children with respect to their aggression and frustration levels, self-concept, and adjustment patterns. She went on to work therapeutically in a variety of school and community settings, specializing in work with children and families, and also worked extensively with women.

She is now registered as a psychologist in Australia where she has been working for the past several years. She was attracted to Mindwise by its compassionate feel for the real needs of ordinary people, and has engaged enthusiastically in learning the skills of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training) which is the primary therapeutic modality at Mindwise. Whilst she is new to this particular framework, she brings a wealth of generalist counselling skill to her work with clients, along with passion and insight into human diversity, and we are very pleased to have her.

Keren Wolstencroft is a dedicated, warm and approachable psychologist who finds it rewarding to work collaboratively with people to support them toward attaining greater well-being and quality of life. She is experienced with a wide range of mental health issues and therapeutic support to assist with depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, grief, social/relationship skills, and wellbeing coaching.

In her work she takes a whole-of-person recovery and wellbeing approach. She takes into account the individual's needs, situation, background, problems, strengths, values, goals, and potential. In facilitating therapy, she favours a coaching style framework to elicit meaningful and sustainable change. She places a high value on remaining abreast of current thinking in psychology and on providing therapy that is informed by the best available theory and research. As such, her practice draws on concepts and techniques that are embedded within Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness-based CBT, Narrative and Gestalt Therapy.