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I don't pre-suppose any particular result:[ wollongong psychologist ACT psychologist illawarra help for depression therapy for relationship counselling wollongong and depression therapy ] I do my best to sit with them, receptive to what they are experiencing [ psychologist in illawarra psychology treatment wollongong ACT anxiety ,stress therapy for depression psychology illawarra ] in the moment. My having worked through some tough things myself helps me stay open to whatever experience the other person is having.[pain management psychologist in wollongong ACT psychologist yoga teacher illawarra help for depression and anxiety therapy and relationship counselling wollongong for depression or anxiety ,stress, insomnia, grief counselling therapy and ACT therapy] I have learned some skills in responding to private experience in ways that allow me to get on with building the life I want,[psychologist in wollongong counselling services] it is those skills which I am eager to share with you. I am not perfect: I still fall into the trap on many occasions of responding to my own inner experience in less than useful ways (so you wont find me being judgmental there); however, I do have some useful skills that I can draw upon (skills in responding usefully to the antics that my mind gets up to!). [counselling psychologist and psychologist in wollongong using mindfulness techniques. psychologist in illwarra ACT for depression therapy depression acceptance and commitment therapy for anxiety and stress in illawarra and wollongong relationship counselling wollongong and counselling for couples wollongong illawarra ] conveying skills to others to help with relationship problems counselling wollongong .

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At certain times in life we come to a crossroads. Perhaps we find ourselves there because something happens in our lives - such as an injury, or separation from partner or job. Or maybe the crossroads is more about how we are within ourselves: it seems that something about how we are living our lives has to change, even if we are unsure what or how.

Change is an opportunity. It may be - and it often is - that pain and suffering are the motivator for the change; but nevertheless it is an opportunity.

It is this sense of opportunity and growth that makes this work exciting and satisfying, even whilst it may feel scary or bewildering being at a crossroad.

If you decide to let me share a little piece of your journey, I would be honoured. However you are when you arrive is just fine: no need to present yourself as 'together' or 'normal' when you come to see me. There's a quote I like a lot from a famous psychiatrist named Alfred Adler:

"The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well".

I hope to get to know you better than that!


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